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About the art


Painting, for me, is like putting together a puzzle with no edges and no image on the box. As I glue bits of decorative paper to the surface, I outline and enhance them with bright colors of acrylic paint, sometimes losing the collage altogether. Whether or not the paper remains visible, the texture helps to shape the next layers of paint and paper. I have come to crave these textures in my finished pieces.

What begins as a random collection of unmixed colors, shapes, textures, and patterns, ultimately becomes a unified whole that combines imagination and reality. Representational forms that are blended with nonrepresentational forms make up the entirety of these mosaic-like paintings. Outlines around the shapes single the pieces out while simultaneously connecting them to each other. 

What often arises from this intuitive process is a variety of natural and spiritual themes. Some of the pieces are abstract scenes, reminiscent of the forest and the mystical creatures that may or may not live there. Other pieces focus on animal forms made of fruits and other organic shapes. A search through the intense blocks of color, balanced by neutral areas, may yield a solitary inhabitant of nature, or a dream world composed of fictional characters amidst elements of the earthly landscape. 


Affordable Art for Everyone

Allow me to introduce my paintings, as gifts for yourself, or someone you love. Find small, original paintings, along with blank greeting cards, puzzles and journals, that feature my work, in my online store.

A Little Background

An early stage painting in progress.. 

An early stage painting in progress.. 


Gia Whitlock, "Explained"

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah where I experimented with oil, acrylic and encaustic painting. After my second child was born in 2011, I began to work in collage and was juried into the Utah Arts Festival with this medium in 2012. This was my first big festival I had ever done. Shortly after the festival, we moved from Salt Lake City to Portland, Oregon to start a new life. 

Portland was bursting with beautiful scenery, a vibrant art scene, and friendly new faces. It was shortly after we moved here that I started to explore intuitive painting. It took some time to work up to a style using this process, and in 2014, I was juried into Art in the Pearl. This was the best festival I had ever done. Art in the Pearl led me to representation in galleries, sales, and connections that would last a long time. This was also the first time I realized that the tent I had used for seven years, had a hole in it. 

Since my first Art in the Pearl, I have participated in a variety of art shows around Portland including Local 14 and Portland Open Studios. In 2015, I did three festivals, including the Salem Art Fair and BAM ArtsFair. I have also been honored to teach three summers at Grace Art Camp, a wonderful program for children ages 4-12. 

As my children and I have gotten older, I have begun to focus more on group and solo shows in coffee shops and stores, I did a solo show at Powells last December and I have done numerous group shows in the Portland area.



Sweet Action

Sometimes, I film myself painting... Click the photo below to see a 28-second time-lapse video of a work in progress.